Your Online, Real Time Reporting Solution

Balboa is a robust, dynamic and much improved reporting system as compared to standard fulfillment reports, primarily because of the architecture behind it. With Balboa, we essentially create two separate reporting files; one for month-end information and one for current daily information. Each night, data is extracted from our fulfillment system and loaded into our proprietary system. That data is the foundation of Balboa’s daily reporting capabilities. Because of our unique system, it is more flexible than standard fulfillment reports. That allows us to bring the reports to you in real time, as well as enabling flexibility in our reporting parameters. Historically fulfillment reporting has been rigid and inflexible. The structure of Balboa changes the equation, and allows information to be made available quickly and accurately.

Reports available through Balboa include:

  • Renewal Analysis
  • Bill Analysis
  • Promotion Analysis
  • Expire Analysis
  • Monthly Production
  • Flashcounts
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Earnings by Issue and Source
  • Deferred Income Reconciliation
  • Start Issue by Source


There are over 25 separate marketing, circulation, financial, and accounting reports available in Balboa. The 'At a Glance' report is a management report designed to give a summary of sales, banking, liability, accounts receivable, and customer and issue stats, including variances from the last report and last year.


You can set up and save a report to run it at any time and any frequency. You can also run any Balboa report in either PDF or Excel format. Balboa provides you reporting flexibility and accuracy, whenever you need it.


Balboa provides the reports I need most to make critical decisions with current information. It’s an easy to use tool that is invaluable when developing and monitoring marketing strategies.