Your Online Web Form Creation and Management Tool

Several years ago we realized that customer migration to web based transactions would be the way of the future. Because of that, we aggressively moved toward structuring our systems to provide advantages for our clients and their customers. We are now making these processes more flexible and efficient. Cabrillo is a tool that facilitates this goal. It allows our clients, if they choose, to create and implement web forms immediately, for special events, new promotions, tests, regular web forms, etc.

With Cabrillo, you can:

  • Create a new order web form offer from an existing template. The forms are in an HTML template
  • Create multiple forms for several sources at once, resulting in real time savings
  • Edit existing forms. This is particularly useful if you want to update an image, such as a cover
  • Retrieve links for any form that has been set up previously
  • Preview templates and all sources that are using those templates
  • Delete unused forms
  • Enhanced data validation and error checking


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