Your Operational Management Tool

Pro-Act can be used to access the following information:

Production Schedule
Giving you access to track all jobs completed up to 30 days prior and jobs to be completed in the next two week window. All label, billing, renewal, and flash count update reports are available in an Excel/PDF file. You will be notified with an auto e-mail once the job is completed and checked.

This provides a complete listing of all inventories and is updated as each job is completed. All inventory received will be verified and updated within three days of receipt. You can also access the past year’s inventory for calculating future usage.

Lettershop Postage
We provide a running balance, along with detail of each deduction and deposit for your mailings.

In-House Postage
We provide your running balance, along with detail, of each deduction and deposit for the mailing of gift cards, replacement copies, premiums, and customer service letters.

Internet Web Orders
In addition to our regular reporting, we provide real time counts for new orders, gift orders, payments, renewals, and change of addresses ordered online.


Pro-Act is our system that allows publishers greater access to critical operational information.


Pro-Act allows you to set up low inventory notifications to ensure that you never run out of stock.


It’s great to be able to visit one place to check on jobs scheduled to run and then be able to cross-reference those jobs with my inventory levels.