Your Dynamic and Robust Customer Interface

WeBSIS® is our customer interface system that enables your customers and prospects to interface with PCS for many types of transactions and data capture. WeBSIS® enables a customer to review their subscription account status, informing the subscriber of the type of subscription, (print, digital or both) that they are receiving as well as other information relevant to their order. That includes date of last payment, when the last issue mailed and when the next issue will mail. The system will also prompt the subscriber to pay their bill if there is an amount due, or to renew if under renewal promotion. In addition, while the subscriber is in WeBSIS® they will be able to change their physical or e-mail address, give a gift subscription, or contact Customer Service. Because of our relational database, we are able to integrate other components of your business into your customer interface. For example, one of our features allows real time digital content to be offered directly thru WeBSIS®. This enables your digital readers to access their issues via desktop within the WeBSIS® environment. It is a unique and revolutionary strategy that is described in detail in Digital Solutions.

With WeBSIS® subscribers can:

  • Sign in and view account details
  • Change a physical or email address
  • Renew their subscription
  • Pay an invoice
  • Give a gift subscription
  • Check their expire date
  • Contact Customer Service

Custom Options:

  • Sign up for paperless renewals
  • View digital issues


PCS is also able to integrate our e-commerce module, PCShop, directly into WeBSIS®, allowing the publisher to cross promote as well as sell products and back issues in conjunction with subscriptions -- all in one transaction.


If a publisher cross-promotes their titles, when a subscriber logs in to WeBSIS using their account information from one publication, all other publications will be available as well.


It is imperative that a fulfillment system offer a customer interface that provides an experience that is seamless, effective and trouble free. WeBSIS® does that and more!